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Easy As Email.
I am on the road about 75% of the year, and my office travels with me. eFax allows me to keep in touch while on the road. It works like magic, and makes life easy!
Rob Lake, 2008 International Magician of the Year
eFax is as easy as it gets for home offices and is accessible anywhere in the world. It's simple, reliable, efficient and always at the tips of your fingers. Brilliant!
David Burgess, DJ Design and Apparel Solutions
Smart Faxing. Brilliant Savings.
eFax has empowered me to double my income with very little extra effort. The service is very cost effective and has a very high service level. Customer service is friendly and efficient.
Roger Reddy, Covad Communications

eFax is great. No additional phone lines and the service is inexpensive. I don't need an additional fax machine and phone line so it saves me money.
Lisle Budden, LMB Automotive Group, LLC
Easy Faxing. Anywhere.
I LOVE eFax!! I can get my faxes anywhere I have internet access and don't have to worry about making sure I have paper in my fax machine or getting a separate number for faxes! It's a great service!
Becky Nichols, Jostens Yearbooks

I have used eFax for several years and it's the most efficient way to receive faxes to my laptop wherever I travel.
Bill Middleton, President, Corporate Capital Group, Inc.
The Secure Way To Fax.
Secure, paperless, easy to use, exactly what we wanted. We tested using eFax in one department and eventually rolled it out to all our other departments.
Stephen Connolly, Pearson VUE

My sales reps always complained that I wasn't getting their faxes. Now with eFax I get the faxes e-mailed directly to my desktop. Now if I don't get the fax, I know it's the rep not our fax machine.
Lori Thomas, Golden Technologies
Go Green With eFax.
We are a strategic graphic design studio who has an 'e-policy' where we run our business as green as possible. eFax allows us to be green with our faxing needs.
Colleen Connery, CoCo & Associates, Inc.

eFax saves us time and money, and allows us to pursue our 'green' agenda by receiving and storing faxes without having to print and scan.
Clark Inglis, Serverside Group
Instant Faxing.
eFax offers instant gratification since you can start faxing in minutes. It's easy to setup and I was off and running right away. eFax made my fax machine obsolete and best of all, saves money and trees.
Samantha Grant, Heal 1ON1 Hormone/Metabolism Correction

eFax is easy to setup & use. I was able to sign up and start sending and receiving faxes within a few minutes! Plus, it costs less than half of my previous fax number through the local phone company.
Anya Curry, Ambidextrous Services

Source: October 2008 eFax Customer Survey and iPod Shuffle Drawing